5 October 2011

Happy Birthday Dales High Way

Tony and I left home in September 2007 to walk A Dales High Way for the very first time. We'd walked it all before of course - every single step had been gone over a hundred times. Paths had been selected, rejected, altered and rejigged but we'd finally got there. We took a week to walk the 90 miles from Saltaire to Appleby in lovely autumn sunshine and we returned in the wink of an eye on the Settle - Carlisle railway. That was 4 years ago. This year we decided to do it again but this time in reverse - from Appleby to Saltaire. We did it in three sections and we finished it last week - again in glorious sunshine. You can read my account of the trip at http://daleshighway.blogspot.com/2011/10/settle-to-saltaire.html

Me and Jess on A Dales High Way last week


Alan Sloman said...

Just listened to you on "Ramblings" on BBC R4.

Chris Grogan said...

Thank you Alan - we recorded it a couple of weeks ago when the tail end of hurricane Karina was whipping around us. Pity it wasn't last week eh?

markswalkingblog said...

Chris, must look to purchase your guide. Looks a good route.

BTW - did your friend find on of those trail blaze signs ?