18 August 2014

Beyond Excited

I am beyond excited. A small parcel arrived this morning containing this. A brand new copy of Ordnance Survey map OL2 Yorkshire Dales Southern and Western areas. 
Yorkshire Dales - Southern & Western Area
I've got one, a very dog-eared copy that's my go-to map for many of our days walks from home, but I'm not sure this one will ever see the side of a fell or the bottom of a rucksack. No, this one will be hidden behind glass, opened wearing those white gloves they wear on Who Do You Think You Are and left in my will to the most deserving grandchild. 

Because LOOK!

The route of A Dales High Way enters the map between Addingham and Skipton at the beginning of the walk and leaves some 50 miles later on the climb over Frostrow Fell to Sedbergh. The section shown above is one of my favourites of the whole 90 miles, the walk over springy limestone covered turf beneath the caves of Attermire Scar on the way to Settle.

Attermire Scar
Addingham High Moor between Addingham and Skipton