13 August 2018

Raindrops on kittens

It's all very well deciding to do more things for fun, just for the sheer joy of doing, the pleasure in being. But what are they, those moments in a busy life that make me happy, make me smile? 
I'm ok on the big stuff; family, friends, reaching the top of the mountain but what about the little things?

I've been having a think and here's my Julie Andrews list:
  • Going to the pictures in the afternoon
  • Sherry. Not the trendy dry stuff but good old Harvey's Bristol Cream
  • Leftovers for breakfast, especially bendy chappattis from last night's curry
  • Katharine Hepburn or more accurately the feisty women she played in films like The African Queen
  • Just William stories, read by Martin Jarvis on Radio 4 on a wet afternoon
  • Daffs. I'll take a bunch of spring flowers in a blue vase on the kitchen table over the smartest of handtied bouquets any day 
These are a few of my favourite things. What are yours?

5 August 2018

Many More Mountains to Climb

When two of my loves come together - textiles and the fells - in a picture I've made for a very dear friend, and called Many More Mountains to Climb.