30 December 2015

Thank you

It's not quite the end of the year but today feels like a good day to say "Thank you". Thank you to everyone who has bought our books and kept our small family business afloat. And a special thank you to all of you who have bypassed Amazon and ordered directly from our website www.skyware.co.uk or gone into your local bookshop and bought a Skyware guide off the shelves. It is you that is keeping the specialist publishers and independent bookshops alive. 
Skyware guidebooks

And it is you, when you set off to walk your Coast to Coast path or your Dales High Way, that will be bringing life and hope and business back to the flood hit towns and villages of Yorkshire and Cumbria. Towns like Appleby that are clearing up for the third time in as many weeks and will be ready with pubs, cafes and bed and breakfasts to welcome walkers back in 2016. So don't stay away. Happy New Year and keep walking!
A Dales High Way