5 January 2021

Big Paws To Fill

 In 2004 we got a puppy. A bundle of fluff from the local RSCPA that we called Jess.

She was listed as a collie cross but with her German shepherd coat and her spaniel ears and her terrier obsession with rabbits who knows! We had her 14 years and she became the face of A Dales High Way, our brand ambassador and the best walking pal anyone could wish for. 

She died in 2018 aged 14 and it's been a tough job filling the gap she has left in our lives but finally we've taken the plunge. Meet Gemma. Pure border collie this time with the energy levels to prove it. As I collapse into bed exhausted at the end of every day, trying not to think about my chewed chair legs and filthy floors I wonder what I've done. Was Jess ever this much work? Did she wee on the carpet or bite through her lead? Almost certainly yes, it's just that the memories of the hard puppy months fade with the years. 

We're back in lockdown as I write this and we all need a project. I know what mine is. Heel!

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