23 June 2017

On my doorstep

My idea of a good time is tramping 100 miles across the Yorkshire Dales with a bag on my back and a dog by my side. 
Walking A Dales High Way above Dentdale
It's a great way to spend a week or more but not so good if you're just looking for a leg stretch on a Wednesday afternoon. That's where having a great selection of local walks comes in, easy strolls either from the house or a short drive away. So this week I pulled an old 1991 guidebook from the bookshelf and explored a path I'd first walked over 40 years ago, a quick 3 miles through Goit Stock woods to the waterfalls on Harden Beck above Bingley.
Goit Stock waterfall
And it was so worth it. It was cool and shady and no-one else was about. Wild honeysuckle scented the air and the only sounds were tumbling water and birdsong. Not quite the precious escapism of a multi day trail but not far off.


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