10 June 2011

Chance encounter

We’re still quite new to this writing lark and I’ve often wondered what I’d do if I actually saw someone with a copy of one of our books. What do you say? What’s the protocol? Do you stroll nonchalantly by or rush up shrieking? Smile and nod or run in the opposite direction? Well that moment has finally come. The other day we were walking from Settle towards Malham on a lovely route that started with a steep climb out of the town and headed past Sugar Loaf Hill to the foot of Attermire Scar where it joined the path of A Dales High Way.

Warrendale Knotts and Attermire Scar

Ahead we spotted a lone walker and soon caught up with him when he stopped to consult his map – our map! And yes – we spoke to him. Well, we had to didn’t we – if only to make sure he wasn’t lost! I was so excited. It turns out he was from California and was walking the DHW backwards having joined it at Appleby after spending a week on the Cumbria Way. What a trip.

We walked together for a while, parting above Malham Tarn where we joined the Pennine Bridleway for a lovely walk down to Stainforth. It was easy going all the way with the most beautiful views of all 3 Peaks ahead of us for most of the way. A picnic by Catrigg Force was followed by a welcome pint in the Craven Heifer in Stainforth. It’s a great little pub that gave us a fright earlier this year when it suddenly closed for business. It’s always a worry when village pubs close. Without pubs and schools the heart is knocked out of a village. Welcome back Craven Heifer – we missed you.

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